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Gemstone is managed by a passionate team of doctors, researchers and educators who help schools implement Dynamic Vision Training©. Gemstone directors include:

Dr. David Grisham
Founding partner

Clinical Professor at the Binocular Vision Clinic
University of California, School of Optometry at Berkeley

Dr. Grisham teaches professional courses in binocular vision case analysis, strabismus management, vision therapy, children's vision disorders and learning disabilities. He has also served as co-director of a master's degree program in reading disabilities in the School of Education on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Dr. Grisham has written over 25 professional papers, three textbook chapters, and co-authored a leading textbook called, "Binocular Anomalies: Diagnosis and Vision Therapy."

Dr. Maureen Powers
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Powers is internationally known for her research on vision, and is currently a Research Engineer at the University of California. Her special area of expertise is the growth and development of visual systems and brain plasticity. Her most recent publications involve the regenerative capacity of the retina after injury. She came to Gemstone following 20 years as a Professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she founded and directed the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center for training and research on the visual system. She directed the center for the first 10 years of its existence while running her own laboratory and teaching vision, statistics and psychology. Dr. Powers' research has been funded for 20 years by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and has produced over 100 publications.

Phillip Riles
Founding partner

Director, Wilson Riles and Associates, Inc.

Mr. Riles, Wilson Riles' son, served as the associate director of Wilson Riles and Associates, Inc. since 1988, and became the firm's director in 1999. He oversees executive searches conducted by the firm, and supervises a variety of innovative programs that provide aid to educators and students.

He has served as the Project Manager for a feasibility study regarding the location of a University of California Campus in the Greater Redding area. He has worked as a consultant on a feasibility study/marketing plan for a Japanese publishing company interested in marketing their product in the United States, and as a consultant for a transportation study completed for the Sacramento City Unified School District. Prior to 1988, Riles served as a consultant to the San Francisco Mayor's Commission on Juvenile Delinquency, and as an administrative assistant for GTE Sylvania Mountain View Electronic Reconnaissance Laboratory, and to the Speaker of the Assembly in Sacramento. Mr. Riles holds a master's degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles and a B.A. from Stanford University.

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